3 Software Products Home Builders Need to Stay Organized           

With so many software solutions available for home builders and suppliers, deciding which is best for your company can be difficult. Which features do you actually need? How much money should you spend on software? Will the product be easy to implement and understand? These are good questions to ask a product specialist before you buy.

As creators of home construction management software, we’ve done a lot of research and we listen to what our customers want in a product. We’ve compiled a list of three software products home builders need to improve their organization and streamline their business functions.

1. Scheduling software

Scheduling is a big issue that builders and suppliers have that causes lost time and money. The three most common scheduling setbacks are lack of scheduling accountability, lack of alignment between builders and suppliers, and inefficient work processes. The solution? Scheduling software that’s simple to implement, provides easy collaboration, and updates in real-time, alerting your team when there are changes. If your scheduling software can’t do these things, find an alternative solution.

2. Document management

Storing documents in multiple places makes it difficult to find, update, share, and keep secure. Imagine spending valuable time working off plans only to learn your team is working off a different, updated version. You should have a central location for all your important documents that allows your entire team to have access to all updates in real-time. Finding document management software that offers this solution keeps everyone on the same page all the time.

3. Field management

Make sure the software you choose is mobile, so you have access to it while you’re away from your desk at project sites. Ask for a demo of the product on your computer and your iPad to be sure it’s easy to use and functional on both devices. With a Field Management Services app, you’re able to streamline the way you manage field operations by mobilizing scheduling, communications, and management of construction tasks.

We’ve developed software that performs all three of the above functions and much more. BuildPro and SupplyPro bridge the gap between builders and suppliers, optimizing the way home builders, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers work together. Hyphen Solutions' software-as-a-service products deliver greater operational control, better communications, and increased productivity for both home builders and their building partners who use the products. Schedule a demo of BuildPro or SupplyPro today by filling out this form or by giving us a call.