Three Technologies That Bridge the Gap Between Builders and Suppliers

When home builders and suppliers were working from different plans, processes, techniques and, the possibilities of miscommunications and missed deadlines significantly increase. The right tools connect builders and suppliers, keeping communication, scheduling, and reporting aligned online, saving you both time and money.

Here are three critical technologies that home builders and suppliers need to work together best:

1.  Safety and Training Technology

Improving safety should be a priority for every home construction builder and supplier. Investing in safety and training technology helps prevent severe accidents and reduces on-site injuries. Be sure everyone you work with understands safety practices and procedures by providing safety training.

2. Mobile Technology

Smartphones and mobile applications help connect everyone on-site and in the office. This technology allows builders and suppliers to keep projects up to date and to revise documents and plans in real-time with a tablet or mobile device. When purchasing new technology for your team, check to be sure a builder-focused mobile app is available in the device's app store.

3. Home Construction Software

Keep projects on time and under budget, optimize processes, and maximize profit with home construction software. Ensure the home construction software you choose is easy to use and offers training and support services

Hyphen Solutions created a unified platform with BuildPro and SupplyPro to ensure that builders and suppliers are working from one tool that streamlines residential construction projects. Hyphen products help builders and suppliers plan, communicate, and forecast more efficiently, saving their company time and reducing costs, so they’re able to increase project productivity.

Hyphen Solutions provides more than 60,000 home builders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration software solutions. We can show you how Hyphen’s products streamline, enhance, and optimize your building projects.

If you’re a builder or supplier interested in implementing Hyphen Solutions, contact us today by filling out this form or by giving us a call.