Gather, Translate, Automate with Hyphen Solutions 

Efficiency in communication is improving rapidly. It’s incredibly important that builders and trade partners are fully leveraging the latest technological advances. SupplyPro works in tandem with BuildPro to make sure that builders and suppliers are working from a single source of truth. Now, you can take that connectivity to the next level by directly integrating SupplyPro data into your back office, eliminating manual touches.

This will. And what are the steps to creating a more efficient supply chain?

Gather with Renditions  

Renditions makes it possible for SupplyPro users to work with builders who don’t use BuildPro. With Renditions, we gather all your non-BuildPro orders into SupplyPro, providing you a singular entry point to all builders. It eliminates the confusion of keeping track of dozens of unique builder logins.

Renditions also provides organizational accuracy and a single source of data. You’ll receive notifications daily, eliminating the need for dry runs. Your entire team including builders will be working on accurate data at all times.

Translate with SkuSphere

Now builders and suppliers can speak the same language. SkuSphere translates builder purchase orders into supplier purchase order SKUs. This eliminates supply chain issues that arise from disparate lists. Eliminating issues reduces the cost associated with incorrect transactions and keeps projects on track.

All BuildPro and SupplyPro applications will share a master catalog so everyone will always be on the same page.

Automate with SupplyPro Connect

SupplyPro Connect takes the information found in SupplyPro and automates those transactions into your back-office system. This automation eliminates manual touches, improves accuracy, enhances communication, and reduces overall costs.

It provides up-to-date information so your back office and builders are always informed of supply logistics.

Hyphen Solutions provides more than 70,000 homebuilders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration software solutions.  Hyphen’s software-as-a-service delivers greater operational control, better communications, lower costs, and increased productivity for home builders, sub-contractors, and suppliers.

If you’re a builder or supplier interested in improving your supply chain process, contact us online, email supplychain@hyphensolutions, and call (972)-728-8100.