How Does a Document Management System Help Home Builders?                            

From the building team to the plumbers to the roofers, home building requires thousands of documents, all from different suppliers, employees, and other sources. A document management system is one way to make the builder’s life easier and ensure no documents end up in file 13. BuildPro’s Document Management gives residential builders the ability to keep all documents in one place, minimizing time searching for the right documents from many different sources. Residential builders can easily share documents from BuildPro with their suppliers and employees, thus reducing the number of portals their trade partners must use to work with them.

BuildPro’s document management system helps builders streamline purchasing and minimize costs through these top six features:

1. Reduce Costs Substantially

Distributing hard copies of documentation, both internally and externally, is expensive – and bad for the environment. Instead, upload documents to BuildPro’s document management system to eliminate the cost and waste of printing.

2. Improve Accuracy

Changes to documents should be visible to anyone with document access. When residential construction builders print and distribute documents, they must then ensure that every person gets the reprint. With BuildPro’s document management system, everyone is working from the same updated source at all times.

3. Share Virtually

Document Management allows residential builders to upload, share, store, and instantly retrieve digital documents via the cloud.

4. Maintain Security

Role-based security gives you control over who has access to which documents. Only authorized individuals can update, edit, and delete documents and folders. This keeps accountability and security high.

5. Track Documents

Document tracking includes a full history of every version of a document as well as who has access or made changes. All parties can see every change and update, keeping everyone current and working simultaneously.

6. Multiple Formats Accepted

BuildPro’s document management system accepts all major formats, including Word Docs, PDFs, RTFs, GIFs, JPGs, DWFs, TIFFs, hyperlinks, and more.

Document Management is one of the many modules of BuildPro that helps home builders complete projects in less time with less effort. If you aren’t already a Hyphen Solutions customer, let’s start building something together. Schedule a demo of BuildPro today by filling out this form or by calling 972-728-8100.