Inside the SupplyPro Toolbox: Field Management Services               

As builders and suppliers, you and your team spend the majority of your time working on various job sites, which means that you’re rarely in the office. Because you’re always on the go, it’s more efficient to manage your field operations from a single platform on your iPad or another mobile device. The SupplyPro Field Management Services (FMS) app ensures you’re always able to access important data, assign tasks, and make updates to your schedule, even when you’re not at your desk.

Here are five ways Field Management Services helps you schedule, communicate, and manage on-site and on the go:

1. SupplyPro integration

All orders and responses that builders send to your company appear instantly within SupplyPro FMS. These interactions are critical to your business operations, and with this application, you can handle them in real-time.

2. Manage tasks and orders anywhere, anytime

Easily create your schedules based on the orders you receive from builders. Assign tasks to your employees, such as measuring, installation, and quality checks.

3. Scheduling mobility

With SupplyPro FMS, you’re able to adjust and make changes to schedules from your mobile device. Your team and your stakeholders are aware of schedule changes at all times, which minimizes miscommunications and ensures everyone is on the same page. Now, your team won’t show up for jobs that aren’t ready for them.

4. Reduce errors

Providing mobile, up-to-date orders, tasks, and schedules eliminates the risk of errors or inconsistencies due to outdated content. Utilizing a mobile FMS, you’re able to save money and execute projects faster without sacrificing the quality of your work.

5. On-site photo tagging

Team members at your job site can take pictures and upload them to individual tasks in SupplyPro. This means you’ll have clear reporting, chronicling when tasks are complete with visual confirmation. You’ll have proof as to why you must push back deadlines, and you’ll have evidence of job site status in the event of an accident.

The SupplyPro FMS app streamlines the way you manage field operations and allows you to move easily between job sites to better manage your team. Stop sitting at your desk to manage and organize your team. Schedule a demo of SupplyPro FMS by filling out this form or by calling 972-728-8100.