Inventory Management for Home Builders and Suppliers                            

A concern that we often hear about from builders and suppliers is that each organization has different processes and item numbers or SKUs for the same products. Also, what may seem like one installed component to a builder, may actually require the delivery and installation of 8 or 10 different parts by the supplier.

This causes confusion and even a breakdown in communication when the two sides don’t align. SkuSphere, part of the SupplyPro product family, maps builder item numbers to supplier SKUs, giving suppliers the ability to eliminate manual transaction data entry, which can cause mistakes and frustration. With SkuSphere, suppliers can automatically convert the builders’ SKU language to match their own, at the level of detail that they need. Using SkuSphere also enables users to explore product packages by line item, with service or product descriptions included.

Here are five SKU mapping benefits that help manufacturers and suppliers plan, forecast, and communicate with builders:

1. An SKU master catalog: One version of the truth

Across the entirety of the BuildPro and SupplyPro networks, all members have access to the SkuSphere master catalog, ensuring everyone is on the same page, reducing confusion and mistakes.

2. Automatic SKU mapping of builder orders to supplier orders

Hyphen Solutions automatically maps builder purchase order data into supplier product and quantity specific data. This allows the supplier to easily enter orders into their own system as well as verify pricing.

3. Reduced SKU conflicts

A universal SKU language eliminates supply chain disputes that arise from disparate lists. SKU conflicts take time, money, and manpower to resolve. These assets apply to revenue-generating activities by using SkuSphere.

4. Comprehensive digital manufacturer data

SkuSphere provides BuildPro and SupplyPro members with the most thorough catalog in the home building industry, closing the gap between ERP and CRM systems and providing support for product obsolescence and management.

5. More accurate delivery and accurate transactions

By eliminating problems that arise from disparate SKUs, users can streamline transactions and increase accuracy. This reduces the costs associated with incorrect transactions and keeps projects on track by making sure builders are purchasing and installing the correct items.

Let’s start building something together and eliminate the headaches that arise from manually importing data. Hyphen Solutions creates products to fit the needs of everyone involved in the home building industry. Enhance, streamline, and optimize the building process with SkuSphere. Schedule a demo today by filling out this form or calling 972-728-8100.