Inside the BuildPro Toolbox: Scheduling              

BuildPro’s Scheduling allows builders to manage their schedules and communicate with suppliers. With Scheduling, you can automatically ensure every purchase order has pertinent job detail information, like colors and option sections. Scheduling is completely electronic, and you and your vendors can view it anytime, whether you’re online or offline.

Here are six Scheduling features that help you streamline purchasing, communicate, and reduce costs:

1. Everyone’s in sync

Distribute POs and change orders within the Scheduling system while all other systems remain in sync. Your team and your suppliers work most efficiently when they’re working together.

2. Collaboration

Enjoy true digital end-to-end collaboration with your suppliers so that your workflow and supply chain management is seamless. Many supplier order entry systems are directly connected to Hyphen’s automated end-to-end collaboration.

3. Real-time transactions

Fully digital, real-time transactions add a layer of accountability and transparency to all construction-related activities while removing latency.

4. Just-in-time delivery

All materials arrive exactly when and where you want them. By reducing the possibility of early or late shipments, efficiency is at its peak, which in turn reduces theft, the need for dry runs, and the need for additional POs.

5. Total digital communication

Scheduling provides clear digital records for all suppliers and vendors, saved in the cloud. This eliminates miscommunication and misunderstandings.

6. Highly expandable

BuildPro Scheduling is expandable to include electronic SWPPP, lien releases management, inspections, bidding, and more.

At Hyphen Solutions, we want builders to use our solutions to their fullest extent. Our professional services team has the expertise necessary to partner with you to help implement our solutions, develop new tools, and build customized reports. If you aren’t already a customer, let’s start building something together. 

Hyphen provides more than 60,000 homebuilders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supply chain scheduling, procurement, and collaboration software solutions. We can show you how BuildPro’s Scheduling streamlines, enhances and optimizes your building projects. Schedule a demo of BuildPro today by filling out this form or by calling 972-728-8100.