Why BRIX ERP Makes Sense    

BRIX is a self-contained enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides homebuilders with all the software they need to efficiently run a construction business. A product of BuildPro, BRIX lets you and your team control and monitor purchasing, production, costs, and reporting in one streamlined, cloud-based program. BRIX eliminates the need for separate license fees, maintenance agreements, and servers and network hardware. BRIX allows you to analyze actual or pro forma community, home, and lot offerings as well as manage profitability and import vendor pricing.

Here are six ways BRIX helps homebuilders optimize purchasing, manage production, control costs, and streamline reporting:

1. Job and production cost accountability

With BRIX, you can generate orders, assemble subcontractor agreements, and view job-specific pricing before making a final purchase. This allows you to customize the way you manage jobs and production expenses.

2. Purchasing transparency

View the status of production for each job and track loans and deposits per project. You can also view past purchases. 

3. General ledger and accounts payable consolidation

Consolidate your finances. Through BRIX, you can automatically calculate accruals and interest, produce 1099 forms, and create your own custom financial reports.

4. Payroll clarity

Apply wages at multiple levels, create custom deductions, and produce W-2 forms. You can also print employee payroll checks and track their deposit status.

5. Automated tax calculation

BRIX allows you to create, view, and share tax information with vendors so you can focus on building beautiful homes, instead of worrying about taxes.

6. Detailed accounting reports

BRIX includes vendor analysis, general liability, and workers’ compensation reports, all in one place. 

Hyphen Solutions' software-as-a-service applications deliver greater operational control, better communications, and increased productivity for both homebuilders and their building partners who use the applications. We can show you how BuildPro’s BRIX streamlines, enhances and optimizes your building projects. Schedule a demo of BuildPro today by filling out this form or by calling 972-728-8100.