Feature-Rich and Easy to Use Residential Construction ERP with Accounting that Brings New Efficiency to the Way You Build

Residential construction is a complex business. You have to run your projects and company as efficiently as possible to protect your profits. Software definitely can help, but if your office has tried working with separate systems for accounting, estimating, project management, document management, etc., you know how frustrating this can be. Multiple systems can create communication problems among departments, multiple training paths, repetitive data input, delays in finding information, plus multiple vendors, licensing fees, and maintenance agreements to deal with.

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The alternative is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Cloud-based residential construction ERP software with construction accounting covers all your bases with a single platform. You have only one vendor and one training system to deal with. Even better, your entire staff will be on the same page, with the same easily accessible information at all times. Integrated ERP software can help you improve communication, collaboration and productivity to build homes efficiently, sell them quickly and grow your business in a competitive industry.

BRIX is a residential construction ERP software with accounting like you’ve never seen before. We’ve developed a fully integrated enterprise resource platform that allows Home Builders to access the most efficient solutions available for any size and volume. Already used in many home builds across the U.S. each year, BRIX lets you control job costing, purchasing, production, accounting and reporting all in one streamlined, cloud-based back-office solution.

BRIX Functions & Capabilities

  • Production & Job Cost Accountability

    Customize the way you manage your budget with the detailed construction job costing capabilities of BRIX. Within the software, you can generate orders, assemble subcontractor agreements and view job-specific pricing before making a final purchase.

  • Purchasing Transparency

    BRIX allows you to track every cost related to your projects. View the status of production for each job and track loans and deposits per project. We allow home builders to manage budgets down to the last dollar.

  • General Ledger & Accounts Payable

    Consolidate your ledgers and take control of your accounts with financial statement capabilities. Through BRIX, you can automatically calculate accruals and interest, produce 1099’s and create your custom financial reports without needing an outside, 3rd party home builder accounting software.

  • Payroll Clarity

    Trust your payroll accounting software just like you trust your employees. Apply wages at multiple levels, create custom deductions and produce W2’s. Keep your budget in check by printing employee payroll checks and tracking their deposit status, all within the BRIX platform.

  • Automated Tax Calculation

    Take the stress out of tax calculation. BRIX allows you to create, view and share tax information with ease, allowing you to be more focused on creating great quality homes, not doing taxes

  • Detailed Accounting Reports

    We know that you care about the details during the home building process, so your account reports shouldn’t be any different. Our ERP software includes vendor analysis, general liability and worker’s compensation so all of the details are in one central place.

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